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O'Neil Spencer, drums

Charlie Shavers, trumpet

John Kirby, bass

Buster Bailey, clarinet

Russell Procope, saxophone

Billy Kyle, piano

Download this timeless story of "The Biggest Little Band in America" to your Android, Nook, IPhone, IPad, IPod, Kindle, Sony eReader, Laptop or home computer. Also, visit "You Tube" and enjoy Kirby's classical jazz arrangements from the Swing Era. And "You" will be one of the old school cool cats!


​          "Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm, 2017"

​                         by Alan Williams    

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alan Williams is the grandson of John Kirby. He is a posthumous member of the Sony and ASCAP family on behalf of John Kirby since 2006. Alan was born in Winchester, Va. and he's a 1973 graduate of John Handley High School. He attended Potomac State College of West Virginia University majoring in Computer Science. Alan is a retired Navy Petty Officer and while on active duty, he earned his bachelors in Education at Southern Illinois University and his masters in Public Administration at Troy University. Alan self published his first biography "Fall From Grace - The John Kirby Story" in 1996. Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm, 2017 is the second revision of that story.